Cruel Britannia

by Andy Thornton

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Look around you see these buildings,
Don't you think they're mighty boy?
See how those who went before you
placed each stone with pride and joy
All the years of island trading
Gold and goods from far off lands
Made a country so amazing
Soon we'll leave it in your hands

Here's your story that we'll place
Inside your civic DNA
British men of faith and valour
Stopped the shame of human trade
Wilberforce and holy bible:
How the hearts and minds were changed
Not a word of chain and rifle
Bearing those who rule today

Cos this is cruel Britannia
Britannia ruled the waves
Then stole the land
And Made the people slaves
All that you see
This mighty city
Knew no pity
Then called itself Great

I come from the generation
Whose wallcharts of the modern world were
coloured in to show the nations
Safe beneath our British rule
All that's left is london city
Trading off the blood long gone
From blacker skins whose liberty was
Sacrificed to make us strong

Cos this is cruel Britannia
Britannia ruled the waves
And stole the land
And Made the world its slaves
All that you see
This tainted beauty
From guns and duty that
Slaughtered for Great Britain

So count you blessings
Count the money in your hands
See the portraits of the men who
Made us grand
Not the faces of the labourers that we damned
To build our Sterling
As we went stealing
The riches of our mother earth

Now I've uttered the unspoken
Let me tell you this my son
You've just joined the world's awoken
Who don't see This as Kingdom come
Who don't see every man an island
Surrounded by a hostile sea
But know that fear is broken down
When can have as each one needs

Not like cruel Britannia..
Britannia ruled the waves
And stole the land
Superior to each race
Name them rightly
The high and mighty
The British psyche
Was made in cruel Britannia


released May 14, 2017
Andy Thornton on instrumentrs and voice



all rights reserved


Andy Thornton UK

Andy Thornton has been writing songs since the day he first picked up a guitar at age 14. His instinct for telling a story is only equalled by his passion to get beneath the surface of everyday life and unveil the secrets of the human heart; whether it be anger, frustration, tenderness, wild love or hope of justice. ... more

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